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A good scent can uplift your mood during festivities,making you feel cheerful

21 Sep

A good scent is often what attracts you to someone.But a perfume does a lot of good to you too.Not only does it uplift your mood but it can also make you feel sensuous,sexy,active,cheerful and optimistic.Here’s a lowdown that will help you make your pick.

Research has always proved that fragrances can alter your mood effectively.For instance a Sandalwood scent is known to call upon seductive and warm feelings due ti its earthy nature.Jasmine perfumes are known to make a person feel erotic.Ylang Ylang is known to make an individual more active as it stimulates the mind and body well.Vanilla scent is also known to make you feel aesthetic and luxurious

Here’s a lowdown that will help you make your pick

20 Sep

Here are the seven basic types of perfumes and how they influence our mood

FLORAL:  Tender,Sweet and Romantic.

Floral perfumes-generally combine the scents of various flowers to create a classic feminine appeal.Scent in this family include Violet,Carnation,Rose and Lily of  the valley.Perfumes with floral scent are suitable  for daily use and casual wearing.

Floral fragrances are so popular that they make up more than half of all fragrances available on the market.

ORIENTAL:  Lust & Seduction.Luxurious & Sensual.Small Rich.

Scent in this family include Musk,sweet Vanilla and exotic Resins.Oriental fragrace suits those who like to be alluring-it will give you an image of  being mysterious and sensual,and will have a great affect on men.

These perfumes are for eveningwear (night-time wearing).

OCEANIC:  Energetic,Young,Joyous & Sporty.

Oceanic perfumes are a modern invention.The Oceanic family gives you a clean feeling and has synthetic notes of floral as well as fruity blends to evoke natural aromas such as mountain air,ocean spray or clean lines.Oceanic perfumes are an ideal choice for job interviews.

GREEN:  Fresh,Outdoorsy,Suave & Charismatic.

Green fragrances have note of freshly cut grasses and green leaves,of Pine,Juniper,aromatic Sandalwood,earthy Mosses and Cedar.Ideal for all occasions.

It adds charismatic,sporty and suave disposition to your personality.

FRUITY:  Light,Spicy & Very Refreshing.

Perfumes with Fruity fragrances have notes of Citrus,Lemon,Peaches,Berry,Mango and other juicy fruity.These evoke a Carefree,Playful and Cheerful mood.Perfect for teenagers and young women.

The fruty tones are very Refreshing.

WOODY:  Adventurous,Charismatic & Assertive.

These notes are dominated by Indian Sandalwood,Patchouli,Amber and Rosewood to give a sensually deep woody effect to the fragrance. If  you are the type of  person who is adventurous,assertive and charismatic,woody perfume might be your perfect.A woody perfume is not ideal if you are looking for fun and romance.

CHYPRE:  Professional & Outdoorsy.

Scent in this family include Sage,Lavender and Oakmoss.This category is perfect for the one who loves being outdoors.

These evoke feelings of  ‘Self-assurance’ and professionalism.

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